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Using the latest in 3D printing technology, Ver I.T. are now able to print 3D objects to specification.

Whether you want something artistic, practical or as a keepsake, the options are near endless!
Sizes up to 31.5 x 31.5 x 41.5cm and in a variety of different colours, we can design what you want! Personalised versions of common objects are also available, for example embossing your initials.

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3D Wireframe Design

3D Rendered Design

Finished 3D Printed Design


Please see below for our 3D printing prices. These should be used as a guide and may vary.

For ongoing requirements or quantity orders please Get in Touch for discounted rates.

Final Weight (Grams) Price
0 - 25g £10
26 - 50g £20
51 - 100g £35
101 - 250g £60
251 g + Quote Only
Additional Fees Price
Multicoloured £10
Moving Parts
Postage (UK) £5 - 15
TPU Material £10
Priority Order £20
Design Fees Price
Supply Your Own, Compatible
3D File
Level 1 (Example) £20
Level 2 (Example) £50
Level 3 (Example) £90
Level 4 (Example) £200

Colours Material
White PLA+
Black PLA+
Green PETG
Blue PLA+
Yellow TPU or PLA
Transparent PETG
Pink PLA
Purple PLA
Orange PLA
Rainbow, Multi-colour PLA
Grey PLA or PETG
Silver PLA
Gold PLA+
Copper PLA
Wood Effect PLA
Marble Effect PLA


- More colours and material variations are available to order.
- Discounts available for multiple prints of the same item.
- Even if you supply your own 3D design it will need some manipulation, hence the small fee.
- The complexity of the design, and therefore the design fee will be determined by Ver I.T.
- Objects that appear solid normally contain an internal mesh to reduce material and weight.
- When supplying your own design, common file types are excepted such as .STL .OBJ .Blend
- We cannot match colours as the colour is determined by the colour of the filament we stock.
- Sizes will be accurate but do have a tolerance of +/- 0.3mm but usually less.
- Certain filament types cannot be used together in the same print. Please ask for more information.
- 3D prints always have a very slight ridged texture to them due to the way they are printed in layers.
- Design and print times vary depending on complexity and printing volume.
- If a design needs to fit alongside an existing item we will need very accurate measurements.
- Other colours, translucent, and wood/metal/carbon fibre materials are available by special order.
- Repeat orders placed at a later time will not incur a design fee but quantity discounts will not include previous order quantities.
- If a filament colour or type is not in stock it normally takes around 3 working days to arrive with us.
- Prints are only as resistant to impacts or temperatures as the material they are made from.
- Transparent filament will not be "glass" clear due to the layering process of 3D printing.
- Designs or items supplied by you, the customer, remain to be your intellectual property and will NOT be shared.
- Large or complex prints may need to be made up of multiple pieces and glued/bolted together.
- To prevent warping during the printing process, items with a large footprint will need a lower infill amount. (They will be more hollow/less solid)
- 3D prints are rarely perfect and may have some small blemishes or deformities. Obviously we do our best to minimise these.


PLA - The most common material we use due to it's durability, relative eco-friendliness and ease to print with. Stronger than ABS but slightly more brittle.
PLA+ - Improved version of PLA. Stronger, less brittle and better heat resistance.
PETG - More durable than PLA but more difficult to produce prints and prone to scratches.
ABS - We rarely use and don't tend to stock much of this type of material as it is not as durable as other materials nor does it hold its shape well in higher temperatures.
TPU - Flexible and shock-absorbant, often used for phone cases. Difficult to print with.

Read more about printing materials on Wikipedia.

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