Terms and Conditions

As part of the repair process, it may sometimes be necessary to re-format the computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s) and/or to re-install the Microsoft Windows® or Mac OS operating system. Both these procedures are carried out only as a last resort and after Ver IT has attempted all other means of repair and agreed with the customer.

All data, regarded by the customer as either required, important and/or critical, should be backed up (saved to another hard disc drive or to removable media, for example, a CD-R or DVD-R disc) prior to any such re-installation of software such as Microsoft Windows®, or the re-formatting of your computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s).Formatting of the hard disc drive(s) means that all data will be erased. The computer will have been returned to “Factory Settings” after re-installing Microsoft Windows®, in other words, to the state it was in when it left the manufacturing facility. The backed up data can then be re-installed on the computer.

Computer data can be lost for a number of reasons: for example, problems affecting the computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s), by a virus or spyware infection, corruption of data files and/or folders. The only effective safeguard against the risks associated with loss of data is to maintain a regular and systematic backup procedure. Ver IT will be pleased to advise on this.

Your Information (GDPR)

For Ver IT, the protection of a customer’s personal or business data is a matter of course. Ver IT ensures that all its managers, engineers and field technicians observe the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and act in accordance with the regulations contained therein.

Personal data contained on, or transferred from, PCs, terminals and hard drives or disks shall, at all times, be processed fairly and lawfully and anonymised.

With the exception of a customer’s personal contact details and the details of all transactions with Ver IT, all other data, however sourced and necessarily held on our computers or external hard drives or disks during the execution of the works, shall be deleted, using a secure format, on completion of the works. On occassion we will offer to keep such data for a fixed and short period of time to ensure data is not lost whilst a customer checks all of their required data is intact. In these instances the customer will always be made aware.

Ver IT is careful to protect personal data and the details of any transactions a customer makes with us over the Internet.

Ver IT No-Fix-No-Fee Policy

Our No-Fix-No-Fee policy means simply that if Ver IT does not possess the necessary technical knowledge or ability to resolve the problem or effect the repair, then no charge is made. This includes if Ver IT determine the repair to be uneconomical.

Exclusions to the No-Fix-No-Fee policy

If a customer requests Ver IT not to proceed with a repair, the customer must pay our minimum charge for diagnostics (£40-50).

When Ver IT is able to resolve the problem or effect the repair, but the customer does not possess the required software disc or product key. If the computer’s Operating System is to be re-installed, the customer must provide Ver IT with an original licensed Operating System disc and a valid Product Key. In this case the customer must pay our minimum charge for diagnostics (£40-50).

When Ver IT provides a clear and precise diagnosis of a failed component / software issue but the customer decides not to proceed with the replacement / repair . In this case the customer must pay our minimum charge for diagnostics (£40-50).

The policy does not apply to data recovery, virus or spyware problems, issues with third parties or to cases in which the computer suffered from power surges.

Ver IT accepts no responsibility for loss of computer data, however caused, including any alleged loss occurring during data recovery.

Uncollected Equipment

Any computer or other hardware left with Ver IT and not collected within 3 months shall be assumed to be permanently abandoned by the Client and will be disposed of without recourse to the Client. Prior to this, reasonable effort will be made by Ver IT to contact the Client to obtain instructions. Ver IT may sell the equipment rather than dispose of it to recoup storage costs. Reasonable efforts to ensure any data on the device is destroyed.

Waterproof or Resistant Equipment

Whilst every care is taken to ensure waterproof or water resistant equipment remains as such after repair, we cannot guarantee water-proofing or resistance.

Collected Equipment

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that your equipment is returned to you in the same condition it was received, sometimes very light signs of use may occur. On most repairs this will not be noticable. When opening casings on certain devices small marks may be left where the a pry tool is needed. To minimise this, soft plastic tools are used.
We may sticker your returned equipment with our contact information but will ensure wherever possible that the stickers are easily removable, positioned on an underside and small.

Glued in Screens

Some laptop manufacturers have taken to the process of gluing in their screen panels. This does not present an issue when the screen panel is being replaced anyway as damage to the panel does not matter if it is being replaced anyway. However, if a component other than the screen panel is being replaced that requires the removal of the screen panel, damage to the screen panel would obviously cause an issue. Whislt in most case Ver I.T. can remove and reuse the screen panel, in some cases the fragile screen panel can be broken. If this is the case the customer would need to cover the cost of the replacement panel. We will endeavour to advise the customer before such a procedure is carried out under these conditions.

Price List

Prices quoted on this website and in other media are a guideline only. Whilst they are generally accurate, certain devices and brands can be more expensive to repair or upgrade. Once a repair or upgrade price is quoted to you individually, every effort is made to honour that quote and we will advise wherever possible on any changes to that quote.

Multiple and Intermittant Faults

Intermittant faults are, by their very nature, difficult to identify and resolve. Ver I.T. will do their best to identify any fault and offer a solution. If an intermittant fault is not resolved by a repair we cannot offer a refund for parts and/or time spent. We will however re-examine the equipment and resolve if there is no significant expense or time required.

If you are aware that your equipment suffers multiple issues or faults then you must let us know when we receive your equipment. It is sometimes the case that we fix an issue but another issue prevents the device from fully working. In this instance an additional charge may be made to fix additional faults. We will do out best to identify all faults in the initial diagnosis.

If in fixing one fault another fault prevents the device from working properly we are unable to refund the cost of the repair quoted for. Of course if we can fix the additional fault we will quote for this.

Apple Device Repairs

For Apple device repairs, mainly iPads and iPhones, some repairs will mean certain functions may no longer work. For example, the replacement of the "Selfie" camera or screen may stop the Face ID function from working and replacement of home buttons with Touch ID may stop that function working. Ver I.T. will advise where a repair will cause such a change in functionality.

Loss of Income

Ver I.T. do not accept any responsibility for loss of income due to delayed or failed, repairs, builds or upgrades.

Vouchers and Offers

One voucher/flyer of any kind may be used per household, regardless of how many physical vouchers are in your posession.
The REFER A FRIEND scheme applies once per referral that leads to a chargeable repair or upgrade.
Final judgement on whether an offer applies or not lies with Ver I.T.
One offer maybe used per chargeable service and discounts do not apply to lab based data recovery. Any offer or other discount that you plan to use must be advised to Ver I.T. before a quote is issued.

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